The Evening,
Nurturing Tantra

What is nurturing?  Do you know how to nurture yourself and those you care about?

Most of us go through life longing to connect with the people we know in a meaningful, heartfelt way, but we don't know how.  We don't feel safe in reaching out to others.  We don't feel safe in letting others touch us emotionally or even physically.  Instead, we settle for interactions that are "safe," but superficial and not satisfying.

In this workshop, says the leader, "My intention is to create a place where the participants can connect with each other in a safe, joyful, heart filled environment." Where you can learn to allow yourself to give and receive love and nurturing.  And, where you can experience and learn methods that will help restore balance and harmony to yourself and your relationships. And finally, where you can experience the fun and exhilaration of sharing your heart energy with others.  Most of those who have experienced this say that they carry this feeling into their daily lives.

We will be dancing, doing movement exercises, having one on one interaction, and giving and receiving lots of hugs.  Come casual and comfortable, and ready to have fun!

"connect with people in a safe, joyful, heart filled environment."